What is an NFO?

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online What is an NFO? NFOs are first-time subscription offers for a new scheme. Many funds launch NFOs to complete their product basket. For example, if an AMC does not have a hybrid fund or multi-cap fund, it could launch an NFO to offer that product to investors. NFOs can… Read More »

Not Filing IT Returns May Land You In Prison

Top SIP Funds Online As citizens of India, our responsibility towards the country does not end with paying taxes. We have to file income tax returns (ITR) every year for which the government allows us four months from April 1 to July 31. To crackdown on stragglers, the government has introduced penalties on late and… Read More »

Focused Funds

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online They are bit more Risky. The risk comes in two forms. One is the likelihood of a fund manager losing money in a certain stock. I think if a fund manager goes wrong, the possibility of significant loss in a focused fund is far higher. Because in a focused… Read More »

Now can get Loan against Mutual Fund

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online HDFC Bank today launched its Digital Loans against Mutual Funds (LAMF) in partnership with transfer agent CAMS. The bank customers can now pledge mutual fund assets online and get overdraft limit in under 3 minutes. They can also avail of this product through the HDFC Bank website in three… Read More »

Cyber Insurance Cover

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online A few years ago, our biggest risk was the cash in the wallet. Having being pick pocketed or protecting gold kept in the home were our main concerns. However, today we are living in a digital world with perpetual fear that our banking details and data stored online could… Read More »

What are the Debt Funds Risks

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Debt Funds Risks Interest rate risks on longer maturity: Bond prices are affected by the interest rate cycles and policy stance of central banks. Higher the average maturity, the more volatile and risky is a fund considered. Credit risks: Credit risk is about the fund’s ability to pay back… Read More »

SIPs Can mke you Rich

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Over the last three to five years, an additional development in the actual mode of paying for the SIP investment has improved matters further. Earlier, SIPs meant writing a pile of cheques and giving them to the fund. Obviously, there was a limit to this, generally anything from 12… Read More »

Invet in Short Term Debt Funds

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Following a hike in the repo rate by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and expectations of a few more increases in the current financial year, fund managers insist that investors should stick to short-term debt funds. Apart from short-term debt funds, fixed maturity plans (FMPs) and debt-oriented hybrid… Read More »

Section 80C Tax Saving Investments Comparison

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online We have assessed 10 tax-saving instruments on eight key parameters—returns, safety, flexibility, liquidity, costs, transparency, ease of investment and taxability of income. Each parameter is given equal weightage and the composite scores of the various options determine their rank. Insurance policies are definitely the worst way to save tax.… Read More »

High Rating Does not means high Mutual Fund Returns

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Mutual fund schemes need to be tracked with respect to their benchmark and the ability of the management to show its true ability during volatile and choppy periods to evaluate their performance A mutual fund that is rated highly today may not necessarily maintain its rating a year later.… Read More »