Investment Needs Hierarchy

All investments are not equally important. You need to fulfil the basic investment needs first before moving on to the others We know how investing is different from just saving. If we put our saved money somewhere where it will grow, then that’s investing. However, there are a number of possibilities available when we want… Read More »

Free Credit Report every year

Get one credit report free of cost every year   In a move that is set to benefit consumers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated that all credit information companies (CICs) should provide one credit report free of cost to customers once a year. The customer can access it from the company’s… Read More »

Tax Refund on excess investments under Section 80C Investments

Investments made under 80C investments are given a tax deduction (tax break) Investments made under 80C investments are given a tax deduction (tax break). Under this section, you can invest a maximum of Rs1.5 lakh. However, if you make investments more than the said limit of Rs1.5 lakh, then you do not get any tax… Read More »

Make Salary Tax Efficient

  Pay attention to your pay structure to get more in hand and pay less taxes When negotiating terms of employment with a propsective employer, we focus on in creasing CTC, without paying much attention to the salary structure. Though a high er CTC is an important aspect of salary negotiation, it is equally… Read More »

Invest in Gilt Funds

Invest Gilt Funds Online The average small investor will find it much simpler to take the mutual fund route and invest in a gilt fund. Mutual funds are also more tax efficient compared to investing in G-Secs directly. This is because the interest received on G-Sec is taxable in the hands of investors. So it… Read More »

ITR Filling after the due date

If you discover any omission or any wrong statement in your original return, you can re-file ITR with modifications. If the Return of Income for the Financial Year 2015-16 or Assessment Year 2016-17 is filed by you before the due date of filing of Income Tax Return i.e.5 th Aug 2016, and you later discover… Read More »

Advantages of ELSS funds

ELSS funds are an advantageous way to use the Rs 1.5 lakh limit for tax saving investments under Section 80C Under Indian tax laws, savers have a complete range of tax saving instruments available to them. And yet, individuals often take sub-optimal investment decisions with their tax-saving investments. Deposits with long lock-ins that hardly pay… Read More »

E filing of IT Returns for Previous years

E-filing of IT returns for year 2014 – 15 & 2015 – 16 The I-T Department accepts tax returns for past two financial years The I-T Department accepts tax returns for past two financial years. This means that you will be able to file returns for 2014-15. However, you cannot e-file your returns for 2013-14.… Read More »

Assignment of Insurance policy

A life insurance policyholder can transfer rights of the policy to another person with certain conditions. This is known as conditional assignment of life insurance policy.The policyholder’s rights are restored once conditions are fulfilled. The policyholder is the assignor and the person to whom the policy is assigned is the assignee. Form It can be… Read More »