Children Education Goal

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Ajay was feeling a little confused as he heard Raghav and Abdul talk about the problems they faced while planning their children’s education. Raghav had bought a child insurance plan for his son’s education, but the amount was insufficient. Abdul had reduced his retirement allocation to contribute more for… Read More »

Mutual Funds Scheme Consolidation

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online To select schemes, investors will have to look at fund manager credentials, stock selection capabilities, duration and credit management across rate cycles with regard to debt schemes. The move by market regulator SEBI to categorise and rationalise mutual fund schemes is a practical step. It simplifies and standardises mutual… Read More »

How to submit Form 15H, Form 15G

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online How to submit Form 15H, Form 15G to avoid TDS on interest income If you invest in a taxable investment like a bank fixed deposit (FD), recurring deposit or company deposit, the interest you earn gets taxed. In most fixed-income products, unless it’s a tax-free investment, since the interest… Read More »

Insurance Protection against Uncertainties

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online An indemnity-based comprehensive health policy carries great utility value, but is likely to fall short of requirements when it comes to treatment of critical illnesses like cancer and renal failure or even in case policyholders were to meet with serious accidents that necessitate prolonged hospitalization and extended recuperation period.… Read More »

Term Insurance Plan Options

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Today term plans offer multiple options for payment of the claim amount. 1. Regular term plan with lumpsum payout: This option is good if the nominee (in most cases wife and children) is financially savvy. The payout should cover all long-term and short-term expenses. The family should ideally have… Read More »

Transferring your Home Loan Balance

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Transferring an existing loan to another lender, also termed as refinancing, can help you get better interest rates and more convenient terms of repayment Here’s how to go about transferring your loan to a new lending institution. Eligibility This facility can be availed of if these conditions are met:… Read More »

Principal Tax Savings Fund

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online How has the Principal Tax Savings Fund performed? With a 10-year return of 10.46%, the fund has outperformed the benchmark index (9.46%) but lags behind the category average (12.06%). The fund has underperformed its peers over the past decade. Annualised performance (%) The fund has outperformed over 3- and… Read More »

Saving Tax for 2018 beyond Section 80C

Save Tax Get Rich Here are a number of ways by which you can save taxes other than the Rs 2 lakh permitted under Section 80C (including additional 50000 under 80CCD (1b) for NPS) Most tax payers in India must be aware of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act which allows tax benefits of… Read More »

How to Improve your credit score

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Sumit is negotiating to buy a property. He is a lawyer with a good income. He has been saving up for some time because he plans to build assets and set up a small side business in the future. However, when he approaches his bank for a loan to… Read More »


This deduction under Section 80DDB is available on expenditure incurred for the treatment of specified diseases for self, spouse or dependent family members. The deduction is equal to the amount actually expended or `40,000, whichever is less. If the person for whom the expenditure is made is 60 or more, the limit will be `60,000… Read More »