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HDFC LONG TERM ADVANTAGE FUND Online This fund is helmed by a highly skilled fund manager, but he has not been able to replicate the outperformance of his other funds when it comes to this scheme. This fund has visibly lagged behind peers in recent years, perhaps on account of its tilt towards larger-sized companies… Read More »

Travel Insurance Online

Buy Travel Insurance Policy Online Who doesn’t want to go for a trip to relax and enjoy? After spending most of our time at work, all we want is a vacation to rejuvenate. A vacation, should be such, that we don’t have to bother about anything. But, not everyone of us is fortunate enough to… Read More »

ELSS funds

ELSS funds Online ELSS funds fall under the exempt-exempt-exempt (EEE) category Long term capital gain arising out of equity fund held for more than 1 year is tax free. But all ELSS comes with a lock-in period of three years. ELSS funds fall under the exempt-exempt-exempt (EEE) category. The necessity or importance comes through the… Read More »

Mutual Fund Nomination

Make Mutual Fund Nomination Online   While making an investment in a mutual fund, an investor can nominate a person to whom the mutual funds will be transferred on his or her demise. 1. What is nomination in a mutual fund? Nomination is the process of appointing a per son to take care of… Read More »

Difference Between ULIP And Mutual Funds

Unit linked investment plan (ULIP) and mutual fund are two different forms of investments which confuses most of investors. In broader terms, ULIPs are insurance cum investment product which provides a mix of both insurance & investment in one single policy whereas mutual funds are pure investment product. Both these investments are market linked i.e… Read More »

Fund Manager of a Mutual Fund

A fund manager is one of the key per sons in the asset management indus try. He is often the face of the fund house. Investors are keen to know this person, to whom they entrust their money 1. Who is a fund manager? Fund manager is a person respon sible for invest ing money… Read More »

HDFC ERGO Political Risk Insurance Policy

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company has launched Political Risk Insurance Policy. It will safeguard investments in overseas markets against unpredictable losses due to political perils. It will protect companies operating internationally against the adverse effects of arbitrary government actions and will insure assets and or investments against expropriation. The policy will also protect businesses against… Read More »

Loan on Investments in MFs

How to get Loan Against MF Investments   In case you need funds for an emergency or for a small period of time, instead of stopping your Systematic investment plan (SIP) or redeeming your MFs, you could consider taking a loan against your units. 1. From where can you get a loan against your… Read More »

Fixed deposit rates down Switch to Debt MFs

Major banks, both private and public sector, recently revised their interest rates on fixed deposits (FDs). State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, cut its interest rate to 6.50% for maturity periods between 3 years and 10 years. This is among the lowest FD rates in the industry now. The rate for 1-year… Read More »


WE USUALLY DON’T want to be alarmist but this is one area where taxpayers need to tread with caution. They can no longer afford to be unsure about their foreign income and assets. There is a lot of exchange of information between countries and we will see an exponential rise in the number of notices… Read More »