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Invest IDFC Corporate Bond Fund

Invest IDFC Corporate Bond fund Online IDFC Corporate Bond Fund Performance : Income Short Returns As on 12-September-2016 Short Term Funds Regular NAV / Index Value Average Maturity (in Years) Expense Ratio Monthly AUM (Jul-16) 1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years… Read More »

Magic of Investment Compounding

Start Retirement Investing Online Starting to save at the age of 35 instead of 50 can mean retiring with four times the wealth There are two kinds of investors in this world, those who understand compounding and those who don’t. Almost everyone who invests money claims to understand compounding but very few do. In a… Read More »

Should you close your Home Loan?

Home Loan Online   Study the trade-off between saving loan interest and earnings from investments A home loan can help you buy a house early in life but it is also a burden which many people want to get rid of as soon as possible. Deciding whether to close a home loan or not… Read More »

Health Insurance Plan Cover for domiciliary expenses

You decide the adequate amount of sum insured based on your lifestyle, current health conditions and your family history of illnesses There are many health insurance plans that cover domiciliary expenses. You can choose Apollo Munich Optima Restore, or Religare Health Insurance Care. These plans have a good past claim record. You decide the adequate… Read More »

Medical Allowance vs Medical Reimbursement

Medical reimbursement up to Rs 15,000 a year is tax exempt whilst this is not the case for medical allowance Many employees do not clearly understand the components of their salary structure and the tax implications of each. Typically, salary is the combination of basic pay along with various allowances such as house rent, medical,… Read More »

Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Invest Axis Long Term Equity Online Large-caps give stability and small-caps add spice to this fund’s performance It’s never too early for your tax-saving investments. If you plan to deploy money in an equity linked savings scheme (ELSS) this fiscal, you can start now instead of waiting till February or March. Axis Long Term Equity… Read More »

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund Online

As DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund is closed for Investing, Invest DSP BlackRock Small & Midcap Fund Online The aim of the fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio that is substantially constitutes of stocks that are not part of the top 300 companies by market capitalisation. Focus of the… Read More »

Complaint against insurance company

Issues with an insurance company with respect to the policy or service offered can be resolved by making a complaint to the Grievance Redressal Officer of the branch. It is the duty of the insurance company to respond within 15 days of receipt of complaint. If the insurance company fails to deal with the complaint… Read More »

Endowment or Money Back Life Insurance Policies give less returns

Since long we were targeting agents commission as a reason for Endowment, Money Back, Traditional or Traditional Child Insurance plans low returns. It is true that these policies constitute a high commission for agents. However, the real culprit is neither agents nor insurance companies, but the expense limit rules insurance companies following. Long back, when… Read More »

Paying Life Insurance Premium

Life insurance premium is paid annually. There is always a risk of the policy lapsing if the premium is not paid on or before the due date. Life insurance companies offer a number of premium payment options. One can choose the one most suited to one’s working style. Online Log on to the insurance company’s… Read More »