Invest in ELSS Funds Online and Save Tax Dear Taxpayer’s, We are heading toward a new financial year 2017-18. Here are the most important points you must know being a Income tax payer regarding the slab rate in order to assess the tax liability as an individual or a firm and the important dates (filing… Read More »

What is Standard Deduction?

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Standard deduction has gone up by Rs 5,800 (Rs 40,000-Rs 34,200), helping a person in the highest income tax slab save Rs 1,810 Standard deduction is a fixed deduction that is allowed to specific income tax assessees, irrespective of expenses incurred or investments made. Unlike other deductions and exemptions,… Read More »

Long term capital gains tax Impact on Goals

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online One of the biggest fears of equity investors has come true: Long term-capital gains (LTCG) tax on equities is back. Expectedly, the announcement made by the Finance Minister on 1 February 2018 rattled the stock market, sending the markets on a down ward spiral. The Sensex tanked by more… Read More »

Liquid Vs Ultra Short Term Funds

Liquid and Ultra Short-term Funds Comparison 1. What are Ultra Short term funds? Ultra short-term funds are a category of debt funds that invest in commercial paper, treasury bills, certificate of deposit and corporate paper with average maturity of more than 91 days. Typically , the portfolio invests in a basket of securities that mature… Read More »

Earning regular Income from Muutal Funds

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Falling interest rates mean investors should be more open to recognising the advantages of using mutual funds rather than FDs for regular income In recent times, after the collapse of interest rates on fixed deposits, there is a heightened interest in using equity based mutual funds as a source… Read More »

Invest in SIPs and not in Endowment Plans

Most of you who read this column are now investing in the right way, using a systematic investment plan (SIP). But did you know that your dull, boring SIP is the result of more than 10 years of regulatory change? Most of you have also discarded the low-return endowment plans and now purchase a pure… Read More »

Rules of PPF Withdrawal

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Rules of withdrawal from PPF You can withdraw from your PPF starting from the seventh year. So, if you go back to our above-mentioned example, for an account that was opened in 2014-15, the withdrawal facility will start from the April 1, 2020. There are limits on the amount… Read More »

What affects Investment Returns

Best SIP Funds Online There are five key factors that determine the general rate of return you can expect on your investments: 1) Your investment objective 2) Your age and financial responsibilities 3) Your liquidity (availability of funds) 4) Your risk-bearing capacity 5) Your investment timeline First, you should have a clear objective before investing… Read More »

Switch from gold ETFs to gold bonds

Start Saving for Tax 2018 by Investing in ELSS Funds Online Gold is unlikely to give high returns in 2018 and one needs to invest in it only for diversification. Investors opt for gold ETFs over physical gold— coins or bars—because it removes the problems associated with physical gold, such as purity concerns, storage, etc.… Read More »

Tax on PF Withdrawal

Taxation of EPF withdrawal The EPF withdrawal will be taxed as income and you need to include it in your ITR under the head ‘Income from Salary’ There is no TDS deduction on your wife’s PF withdrawal as she has completed 5 years. The EPFO will deduct tax on source (TDS) only if an employee… Read More »