ELSS Funds 2018

Invest in ELSS Funds Online and Save Tax Invest Rs 1,50,000 and Save Tax up to Rs 46,350 under Section 80C. Get Great Returns by Investing in Top Performing Tax Saving ELSS Funds. Save Tax Get Rich Top 10 Tax Saving Mutual Funds of 2018 Best 10 ELSS Mutual Funds to Invest in India of… Read More »

Use SWP for Regular Income

Best SIP Funds Online My greatest joy as a financial planner comes from working with senior citizens. Planning their finances is challenging and gratifying at the same time. Challenging, because it often takes months to change their outlook about the way they have managed their money thus far. Gratifying, because when they see the difference… Read More »

Tax liability on sale of Housing Society flat

Best SIP Funds Online Where an assessee acquires a capital asset under a gift or will, cost of acquisition of the property shall be deemed to be the cost for which the previous owner acquired it. This deemed cost of acquisition will have to be subtracted from the sale considera-tion for the purpose of computing… Read More »


Although TATA INDIA TAX SAVINGS tax-saving fund outperformance had been inconsistent, it has put a strong showing in the past few years. A market-cap and sector-agnostic fund, it adopts a balanced approach to portfolio allocation. However, its bets in the mid and small-cap space seem to be on the higher side when compared to peers.… Read More »

Fixed Deposit Products

Best SIP Funds Online Once you decide to start saving money, what is your first stop? For most Indians, it is deposit products, thanks to their convenience and guaranteed returns. Many first-time investors who are not familiar with different types of financial products, such as mutual funds, also prefer these as an initial step. Very… Read More »

Financial Planning for Single Women

Top SIP Funds to Invest in India Online Today Indian metros are seeing an increasing number of women opting to stay single. In their priorities and approach, they often differ from couples. Here are some points to consider while planning for single women: Independent: Unlike married women, singles are usually more independent and practical in… Read More »

Tax Deductions 2018

Save smart by checking if you are missing out on these deductions, which are often overlooked This tax-saving season, don’t scramble to save more. Save smart by checking if you are missing out on these deductions, which are often overlooked. Struggling to save and meet the income tax-declaration filing deadline with your employer? Gathering resources… Read More »

Senior Citizens Saving Scheme

Best SIP Funds to Invest Online Returns: 8.3% (For Jan-March 2018) Small savings rates have been cut, but the Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme has been spared. At 8.3%, this is the best option for retirees looking for regular income in their golden years. The highest rate offered to senior citizens by banks is 7.7%. The… Read More »

How can you Save Tax under Section 80C of Income Tax Act

Best SIP Funds Online Tax-saving investment made during a particular financial year can be claimed as deduction under Section 80C for that particular financial year only. A plethora of tax saving solutions present in the financial market can help you save your tax. As an investor, you should only know which solution is best for… Read More »

Franklin India Taxshield Fund

Franklin India Taxshield Fund Investment Style: Large Growth Investment Process: A research-driven investment approach with a focus on reasonably valued stocks Fund Manager: Lakshmikanth Reddy The fund is helmed by Lakshmikanth Reddy, who joined the fund company on May 2016, with R. Janakiraman as the named comanager. While earlier it had a more definite mandate… Read More »