Changing your Bank Account Address of Mutual Funds

An important aspect of shifting is intimating the change of address to all concerned, in order to ensure seamless communication. Any change in the permanent or correspondence address should be promptly communicated for the smooth functioning your bank and investment accounts. Options available With respect to bank accounts, there are two options available. You can… Read More »

Dynamic Equity Funds

  Although these funds contain market volatility better than others, they also give lower returns over time. Equity investors pour more money into the markets when they are going up and stay away during downturns, which can hurt returns. To protect investors from such behavioural bias, there is a category of mutual funds called… Read More »

Know your Debt Instruments

There are different kinds of debt instruments. Some are riskier than others. Here’s what you need to know Habitual investors may be familiar with conventional debt instruments – NCDs, commercial paper, G-secs, treasury bills and the like. Of these, Government of India bonds are obviously the safest, while all corporate instruments carry credit risks in… Read More »

Diversified Portfolio can Grow your Wealth

  It pays to take the mutual fund route to invest in equity. Your investments will be monitored by experts, allowing your wealth to multiply over time A common accusation many readers make about this column is that while it encour ages investing in equity, it does not carry specific recommendations about where to… Read More »

What to Do if You Get a Tax Notice

What to Do if You Get a Tax Notice   SECTIONS UNDER WHICH PEOPLE GET NOTICES AND WHAT THEY MEAN Filing income tax returns by due date is crucial, but equally important is to file these correctly. If you don’t do so, expect a notice from the Income Tax Department. What should you do… Read More »

How Interest on SB account, Bank FD are Taxed

Some investors try to avoid TDS by breaking up their investments into smaller deposits across several banks. If you invest `1 lakh in a fixed deposit that earns 7%, the annual interest will not breach the `10,000 limit even in the fifth year. But experts warn against such attempts to avoid TDS and evade tax.… Read More »

Bank FD & MF FMPs

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Hgh Return Investment Plan to maximize Wealth for NRIs

Start SIPs Online NON RESIDENT INDIAN (NRI) …. Let’s talk about you and India. Are you an NRI? The answer is YES, if you are an Indian citizen having an Indian passport and is staying out of India. Whatever reasons being it a job or business or education or even for any other reason you… Read More »

SIPs in Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund SIPs Online Invest Rs 1,50,000 and Save Tax up to Rs 46,350 under Section 80C. Get Great Returns by Investing in Best Performing ELSS Funds. Save Tax Get Rich Top 10 Tax Saver Mutual Funds for 2017 – 2018 Best 10 ELSS Mutual Funds to Invest in India for 2017 1. DSP BlackRock… Read More »

Are Ancestral Jewellery and Property Gifts Taxable?

As the gold and diamond jewellery are ancestral property, the gain on transfer of the same will be chargeable to tax under the head “Long-Term Capital Gains“. If the said gold and diamond jewellery is held prior to 01.04.1981, the fair market value of the said gold and jewellery is to be first determined, on… Read More »